it's happening:

* October 2013: I've finished Massage Shantala, massage for infants and small babies including instructor qualifications. I invite parents to attend one of my trainings.

* February 2011: changes, changes, changes, in March me and Joga Studio of Beata and Maciej Pilatowicz ( we are opening new massage place in Konstancin ul. Rycerska 2, you are most welcome

* April 2010: another amazing journey in Asia is over. I finished another course of Thai Ancient Massage including the instructor qualification.

* June 2009: I've passed my exams - 1st and 2nd degree in Classic (Swedish) Massage in Warsaw, which I started to explore my knowledge and develop new massage skills.

* there is possibility to give massage as a birthday/nameday present, for more details please contact me by email or phone, give yourself time in masumas

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